First impressions count especially if you are trying to charm your friends or if you are putting your home up for sale.

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We believe your home should reflect who you are, so we are committed to making sure your renovation is right for you. Find out how Superior Renovations can help you renovate your way into your dream home

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There could be a number of factors that might make you feel like you either need to extend your existing rooms or add an entire storey to your home.

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Turn your Vision into a Reality

We see ourselves as craftsmen and not just home renovators. We take pride in the detail of our renovations rather than the big finish line only. We realise that it is the details after all which make every renovation unique. We work with hundreds of clients each week and like that we are not just a renovation company, but a company that enjoys advising and creating unique homes.

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Why Aucklanders Choose Us

Solid Guarantee

We are confident in the craftsmanship of our renovators and hence we provide a 1-year workmanship guarantee.


We carry public liability insurance which means we provide third party insurance.

Renovation Specialists

 Our team of trained professionals, painters, builders, designers, renovators, plumbers, electricians and project managers are available to you if you need any advice during the renovation project.

Full Project Management

We have a dedicated project manager for every renovation we undertake, which means that you will have one person managing your project at all times.

Full Renovation Package

We provide an in house service from the conceptual design stage to construction.


We work closely with property managers, home owners and property investors and believe that a good renovation can only add value to your life and property.


How we work with you

We offer predictable and efficient end results because we have firm processes and systems in place which make it possible for you to realise your vision.

step 1


This stage begins with your enquiry. We set up an on-site visit to your home to discover what your goals and motivations are for the home renovation.

step 2


Our design team gets cracking on your conceptual designs to create the potential outcome of your renovation. This visual concept is important as it gives you a glimpse of how your ideas will look like.

Step 3


Once you give us the green light, we will assign a project manager for your renovation who will put together the best-suited team for your kind of renovation

step 4


During the construction phase, the project manager will be on site for the duration of it. He will manage the teams on site, ensuring that everything is going as per schedule.

step 5

Completion & Guarantee

We can guarantee that the end results will satisfy you in every possible way. As all the construction is done by trained and certified professionals we are confident that there will be no issues with our workmanship.

It felt like a friendship kind of relationship, There was a lot of communication and trust.. I would come home after work and see something has else been done. Life is much easier, there's no fighting over who using the shower first and the renovation was fantastic

Renovation of 2 bathrooms

Renovation Guarantee

Build with Confidence

The direction to invest in a renovation project is one which shouldn't be taken lightly.

Re modelling your home and a house renovation may be the single biggest investment you ever make. This is why you need a home renovation company and Auckland builder you can trust that will guarantee your satisfaction.

Whether you are in the design or construction stage, you will always be one of our team’s top priority. Our goal is to shrink standard time frames through to implementation of various systems and procedure so that we can complete your dreams as fast as possible whilst sure it is of the highest possible quality.

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From the team of Superior Home Renovation.


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Where to go from here?

Are you ready to get started on your home improvement project?

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Contact us today to arrange your free consultation with a certified expert in the comfort of your home. We will discuss your design ideas, home renovation and anything that you might want. This will help you understand what you are after and create designs and sketches of your dream home. We will be giving you a no-obligation quote after our meeting. There is no obligation to renovate with us after your meeting.

You won’t be tied into any contracts at this stage.

1. A professional Clean of your home by Builders Clean Made Easy.
2. Free session with our Project Manager at the end of the build to make sure that we have realised your dream.
3. A Mystery Gift for you.

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